Print pricing



Screen Fees-$15







1 $15.00 $2.25 $2.00 $1.75 $1.28 $1.06 $0.85
2 $30.00 $2.50 $2.25 $2.00 $1.49 $1.28 $1.06
3 $45.00 $2.75 $2.50 $2.25 $1.70 $1.49 $1.28
4 $60.00 $3.00 $2.75 $2.50 $2.03 $1.80 $1.58
5 $75.00 $3.25 $3.00 $2.75 $2.25 $2.03 $1.80
6 $90.00 $3.25 $3.00 $2.48 $2.25 $2.03

Pricing brackets are for the number of printed pieces per design. Prices are charged for each printed location. See chart below for available print locations. Note: For designs requiring large prints (locations “B” and “I” below) a 10% Large Print Fee will be added to print costs.

Screen fees are charged per ink color, per location, and are one-time fees. Subsequent orders of the same designs will not be charged screen fees.

Please consult the color chart below for standard ink colors.

We can match PMS colors for $15 per color. If we need to print multiple colors of the same design in one order, a Color Change Fee of $10 per additional color will be applied.

Project Guidelines:

Minimum Order: We cannot print orders of fewer than 24 pieces per design. For designs requiring more than 4 total colors and/or printed locations, the minimum is 48 pieces. Please keep our minimums in mind when ordering, as we cannot print fill-in orders of less than the minimum.

Over/Under: All orders are subject to not more than 2% overage/shortage at our discretion. If you require exact numbers of any size or color, you must order at least 2% over your required numbers. We do our best to fill all orders with exact numbers. However, due to manufacturing defects, shipping shortages, and spoilage in production, we are only able to fill in or reprint orders less than 98% complete.

Artwork Guidelines: We prefer artwork in .psd, .eps, or .ai formats. Please specify any colors and save images to printed dimensions. Artwork not conforming to these guidelines may be subject to a $25 artwork conversion fee. Simple text layout is free through the 2nd round of revisions. 3rd round and beyond will be charged $75/hour for design services. For all orders: We will furnish a digital proof for customer approval before ordering product or printing. Customers are responsible for copyright permissions, etc. Artwork deemed to be inappropriate may be rejected.

Our standard production turnaround time is 10 business days from confirmation of all order details, including artwork sizing, location, and colors, as well as shirt quantities, sizes, and colors, and applies to pickup orders. Additional time may be required for shipping.

Rush orders (5 business days or less) will be subject to a 10% Rush Fee applied to the pre-tax total to cover expedited inbound shipping. Please notify us of your project deadline as soon as possible when requesting a quote.

Lead Times: Please allow at least 2-3 business days for us to finalize your quotes and artwork. It doesn’t always take that long to ensure consistent, high quality work, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Graphic Design: If you need help with design concepts, we are here to help! Typically, design work for a shirt costs $35 – $150, depending on the complexity, print locations, and number of revisions.

Payment, Pickup, Etc.

We are happy to accept payment via check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and cash. If paying in cash, please bring exact change. 

Customers should arrange to pick up their order between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday – Friday at our location in East Nashville.

1045 Granada Ave. Nashville, TN 37206

Have a question? Don’t see your answer here? Give us a call (615) 357-0158 or send an email to